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Diagurus issues a signed valuation certificate for any insurance, tax or other purposes.

PRIVATE Valuation
and Appraisal
Experts' Services
Business Valuation
and Appraisal

Did you inherit jewelry, diamonds or gems and have no idea how much it is worth?


Did someone mention to you that they believe your jewelry is worth   something?


Would you like to know what is the real value of your jewelry, diamonds or gems?

  • Expert’s testimony in court.

  • Assistance to law enforcement agencies to valuate goods for all purposes.

  • Tax and Insurance Appraisals.

Diamonds – Natural rough or polished, with or without certificate, treated diamonds and lab growth diamonds.


Gems – Natural rough or polished gems, with or without certificate, country of origin, natural/heated and more.


Pearls - Natural or artificial, source diameter and more.


Jewelry - Analysis and type of metal, weight appraisal and estimation of the embedded stones and their nature, the source of the jewelry and market price.

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