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Each one of us is a guru in his field


Haim is a member of the Israeli Gemstones Exchange, a Certified Gemologist, and holds a Master degree in Economics.

His 25-year management career involves senior executive positions in high-tech companies, including his last position as CEO of the US and Canada branch of “Dalumi International”.


Haim’s has a proven experience and knowledge of the US market, and excellent skills of analyzing the extensive international markets.


Haim specializes in polished diamonds, gemstone and jewelry; and is the founder and owner of Legami® Jewelry, a rough diamond jewelry brand.

Gal New1.jpg

As a fourth generation of a diamond family, Gal has been active in the diamond industry since 1989 and a member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange since 1993.

Gal is a Certified Gemologist whom started his career in the diamonds industry as a diamond cutter right after completing his Israeli military service, making his way up to be a partner and sales manager at “Afik Diamond” company.


Between 2002 to 2019, he was the Executive Buyer of “Dalumi International”, bringing his specializing skills as a diamond buyer in Africa, India, Belgium and Russia and as a diamond appraiser for the Israeli Diamond Exchange.


His familiarity with the global and local markets, while collaborating with local and international jewelry companies, has made him a global expert as a valuator of polished and rough diamonds.


Menachem is a senior member of the Israeli Diamond Exchange since 1971, and has been active in the diamond industry since 1966.

Menachem holds a 50-year experience in the diamond industry as a polisher, sorter, buyer and appraiser for private government companies.

His proven experience as a buyer and appraiser enabled him to work with the largest diamond companies in the international market in Belgium, USA, Liberia, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Congo and more.


Since the late 1990s, he has been consulting and valuing to the South African and Namibian governments. In 2004, he was formally appointed as the official appraiser of their Government Diamond Authority, and became the sole source of authority for valuation and marketing the rough diamonds of the South Africa's government mines, for export and import purposes.


Menachem specializes in providing appraisal services to Expert Committees of various law agencies and courts.


Since 2015, his activity expanded to Israel, providing valuation services of rough and/or polished diamonds and gems to local companies for their annual balance sheet and tax reports or other needs.


Today, he also serves as arbitrator at the Israeli Diamond Exchange Arbitration Institute.

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